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Try Open edX's standard features on this empty out-of-the-box site.

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WELCOME TO the Abstract-Technology OPEN EDX® SANDBOX

In order for you to try out different functionality of the Open edX®, we created this Sandbox for you. Register here for free and access all the default available tools, features and settings and create your first e-learning course in a real Open edX® environment.

Our Abstract-Technology Open edX® Sandbox is a non-credit course site in which you are automatically creating an Instructor account. It is a safe place to experiment with different tools within the learning management system (LMS) without worrying about “breaking things”.

The Open edX® platform is the leading software solution for online and blended learning. Learn how to use Open edX® using various text, audio, interactive elements and video resources and try out the difference between instructor-led courses or self-paced courses. Open edX® is trusted by top reputable organizations, NGOs and educational institutions worldwide.

Getting started with Abstract-Technology Open edX Sandbox to test your future LMS

Open edX® offers a powerful, versatile open source course management solutions responding to the needs of organizations and educational institutions of all types and sizes.